Repacking, palletizing
Forrmation of lots
Погрузо-разгрузочные работы
Warehouses of "GreenLogic" in Italy
Warehouses of "GreenLogic" in Germany
Warehouse operations
   Our company has a strong relationship with the partner stores in Italy and Germany. They are located very convenient from a strategic point of view: in Italy - on the highway A4 (Milan-Padua), halfway between the cities of Vicenza and Verona, and near the city of Trieste, in the border area with Slovenia, Germany - near the cities of Berlin and Munich. If you look at the map, you will appreciate the benefits of this arrangement.
   Our warehouses - the modern type, equipped with all necessary equipment, staff are trained and responsible.
   We provide a full range of warehousing services (both in Europe and near Moscow (Pushkino)):