Certification of products
   If you want to trade in Russia, all your goods must to meet a list of requirements (GOST, OST, building codes, technical specifications, etc.). This is, first and foremost, to protect the rights of consumers.
   When importing goods into the territory of Russia importer must confirm their compliance with Russian regulations and standards. Not all products are subject to mandatory certification, but the list is very impressive.
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The main types of permit documents:

State Certificate of Conformity (GOST R) - a document that confirms compliance with statutory regulations in the production system of the Russian standards. Is may be mandatory (yellow form) and voluntary (blue form). In-general, issued in three schemes:
   1) for the party. It's valid for one occasion only. Usually, the scheme used in the certification for test party or sole party of the goods.
   2) for the contract. It's valid for unlimited quantities under the contract. But only for this contract. Validity - from 1 lto 3 years.
   3) the serial production. Issued on the manufacturer. Any importer may use this certificate. Quantity - non-limited. Contract and other documents - not required. Validity - from 1 to 3 years.

Declaration of conformity - the document is executed, in principle, the same role as the certificate of conformity. But there are some differences.
The legislative acts of Russia established a "range of products subject to compulsory certification" and "Range of products subject to mandatory declaration." For goods from the first list issued the certificate for goods from the second list - a declaration.
The declaration is made only on the Russian legal entity (the manufacturer or seller). In the case of import of products only importing company, took shape on a declaration of conformity, can use it.
Responsible for compliance with Russian standards of production is partially assigned to the Russian company (importer or manufacturer).
Declaration of Conformity is issued for a party or under a contract.
Validity - from 1 to 3 years.

Refusal Letter - a document that contains information that the product is not subject to certification in GOST R system.
Refusal letters may be two types - refusal letter to trade and refusal letter to Customs (for customs clearance). Refusal letter may be issued to the organization its needs.
Duration of such letter is limited to one year.

Certificate of fire safety (fire certificate) - a document that confirms the conformity of products with the standards of fire safety. The point is the clear from the title.
This type of certification is one of the most expensive and slow. It is caused by the specificity of the necessary tests.
It may be issued for 1, 2, 3, 5 years or for goods party.

Certificate of Compliance to Technical Regulations - this document is issued to a specific list of machinery and equipment, and confirms their compliance with specific technical regulations.

State Registration Certificate - a document certifying the conformity of products subject to sanitary surveillance, safety requirements for human health.
Certificate of state registration are issued to a single form and are valid throughout the customs union.
State registration of the product gives the right for its manufacture in the Russian Federation or for import of products into the territory of the Russian Federation.
The state registration of the Russian production is carried out on the stage of its preparation for manufacturing. The state registration of import production is carried out before its importation into the territory of the Russian Federation.

The conclusion about the content of alcohol (Opinion on the content of ethanol in the product) - is the official conclusion of the results of product testing for alcohol content.
According to Russian legislation is any alcohol products, as part of which contains more than 1.5% alcohol by volume of the finished product.
The conclusion is the basis for the rest of the necessary certificates for products, including the health certificate and certificate of conformity.